Colchester today is a modern and fast growing town with many award-winning places to visit and eat. With its excellent range of small, specialist shops alongside all the big-name stores in a compact town center, it is no surprise that the town has experienced a large inflow of people. Bordered by the most complete Roman wall in the country, the town has a very rich history dating back 2000 years where various events have left a mark in British history. As a result, Colchester boasts some of the top museum collections in the country as well as one of the country’s leading contemporary art galleries.
With an estimated population of 120,000, the growing town has seen an increase in young professionals which has created more business opportunities for shops and stores. It is no surprise that beauty treatments and spas have experienced increased demand over the past decade. A Colchester massage is well known to be among the best in Essex. A wide range of treatments are available including a combination of therapeutic stretching and targeted deep tissue work focusing on upper and lower body. These are great for relieving stress from long working hours and relieve muscle soreness. Essex Body Care will ensure that the center we provide will provide the best and most enjoyable treatment near you.